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If your art is not complete, upload any small image and make a note "not complete in the description box. 

Auction will take place online at:

Proceeds from the art auction benefit Project Pondo and HCI's Educational Field Course Program in conjunction with Dr. Bryan Maritz. 

Shipping is a “Donor to Winner” set up. Once HCI receives your donation, we will let the donor know they are clear to ship. At this point, the donor might ask the winner for details to get an accurate shipping expense idea. It is the WINNERS responsibility to pay the shipping to the donor.

NO pay - NO item.

HCI is a federally registered 501c3, so your donations
are tax deductible to their estimated retail value.*


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This year we will be accepting any animal related art, books or collectibles… with the proceeds benefitting reptile and amphibian conservation.

Funds will be supporting…
The Michael Dee Conservation Grant
The first $2,000 raised will go directly to the newly announced Michael Dee Conservation Grant.  The first recipient of the grant shall be the Reptile Diversity in Savannas Field Course which will provide a hands on conservation ecology training course to economically disadvantaged students in South Africa, led by Dr. Bryan Maritz.

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Project Pondo
After we hit the $2,000 threshold for The Michael Dee Conservation Grant, remaining proceeds will be split between Project Pondo, the HCI GeneralFund and The Michael Dee Conservation Grant. Project Pondo is an effort by HCI to create the world’s first ever chameleon specific reserve for the endangered Pondo Dwarf Chameleon (Bradypodion caffer) of South Africa.

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Side Note: If you want to donate directly to Pondo or the Grant fund, simply indicate it when donating. (Just add it at the bottom of the item description.)